From Colleagues to Friends: A Heartwarming Farewell to Dr. Zhiyuan



In every meeting, there will always be a parting. This is the essence of life, a continuous cycle of hellos and goodbyes. Today, our research team, led by Professor Kai-Kit Wong, find ourselves bidding farewell to a cherished colleague, Zhiyuan, who has completed his research at UCL and is now embarking on a new journey back to China to work with one of the country's largest telecommunications providers.

As we stand on the precipice of parting ways, our hearts are filled with a complex array of emotions. There's a profound sadness in saying goodbye to someone with whom we've shared our research endeavors and daily life. Zhiyuan is not just a colleague; he's a friend who radiates kindness, always willing to lend a hand, and possesses a smile that can light up a room. His presence has left an indelible mark in my memory.

As we bid farewell, we look forward to the future where Zhiyuan will flourish in his career. We hope that health and prosperity will accompany him on this new path. As he reaches the pinnacle of his professional journey, we are confident that he will make a remarkable impact. Zhiyuan is not just a colleague we're saying goodbye to; he's a potential shining star in the academic universe, and we know that his brilliance will continue to illuminate every path he chooses.

As you embark on this exciting new chapter in your life, we eagerly await the amazing stories and achievements you'll gather along the way. May your journey be filled with success, happiness, and fulfillment.

It's not a goodbye, but see you later!

Gōngxǐ Dr. Zhiyuan!